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Tooth Filling

3D rendering of three teeth each with a different dental filling material: composite, amalgam, and goldConsidered a minor restorative procedure, fillings are designed to not only strengthen a damaged tooth suffering from decay but also restore any lost functionality to both the tooth and the oral cavity. In some cases, fillings are used to fill a cavity to stop the tooth from decaying any further and causing even more damage to the tooth. Cavities can be the result of a trauma however the overwhelming majority are caused by tooth decay.

When patients fail to take care of their teeth by not brushing and flossing at least two times a day, it can allow decay to set in and slowly eat away at the tooth enamel eventually causing a cavity. Those patients who eat and drink food and beverages with a high acidity content tend to suffer from a greater number of cavities than those who do not.

Patients can rest assured that their cavity can be filled in less than 15 minutes during a single office visit. Those patients who have an aching tooth and would like an assessment to determine if they need a filling should come to see us at Bonnie & Simone. We are located in Norfolk, VA.

When Do I Need a Filling?

It is important for those patients who have been diagnosed with a cavity to have it filled as soon as possible. When cavities are not filled, they will worsen over time. A cavity can easily compromise the tooth, resulting in invasive and costly procedures to try and save it, or at worst, needing to have the tooth extracted. This is the same for chipped, fractured, and even cracked teeth.

How Fillings Are Placed

The placement procedure for a filling is relatively simple and straightforward. The patient is first numbed by using a local anesthetic solution to keep them comfortable and pain-free during the procedure. The solution is applied liberally to both the gum area and the tooth. Once adequately numbed, the decay is then removed from the tooth and the cavity is cleaned and prepared for the filling.

It is important all decay be removed before the filling is placed; if some decay remains it will continue to eat away at the enamel beneath the filling. The cavity is then filled using a malleable resin which can be forced into the cleaned-out cavity to stop decay and restore the functionality of the tooth.

While the material used to make fillings can vary from location to location there are two materials that are the most widely used and those are amalgam and resin. Amalgam has a metallic finish to it and is constituted from several different metals. It is by far the least expensive and therefore the most widely placed filling available. That being said, they can be more difficult to work with. Comparatively speaking, resin fillings are quite easy to place because the resin material is much easier to manipulate and shape so it fits perfectly and fills the cavity completely. They can also be tinted to match the color of the patient's teeth.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Those patients with questions about fillings should come see us at Bonnie & Simone. You can give us a call at (757) 540-1028.
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