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Single Dental Implants

3D rendering of a dental implant and its components (screw, abutment, and crown) being placed into the jawThose patients who have had to deal with extensive decay and widespread tooth loss brought on by the onset of periodontal disease have a lot of things to consider. What type of artificial tooth solution would best meet their needs and give them the best possible outcome? One of the most widely relied upon solutions is dental implants. This dental procedure can restore the lost functionality of the missing teeth. It is permanently secured to the jawbone for a natural look and feel once placed. Implants can provide the solid base for many different types of dental appliances such as bridges, crowns, and dentures. Once in place, the implants can be flossed and brushed just like natural teeth. They can also be cleaned and polished at routine cleanings and examinations in our office.

While many people have heard about dental implants and most likely know someone who has had implants placed, most patients are unaware that there are no dietary restrictions with dental implants. They will not slip or slide out of place either, the way dentures do. Patients with questions should come into our office to find out more. Bonnie & Simone is located in Norfolk, VA. Come see us today.

Dental Implant Components

Many people understand the basic idea behind dental implants, but they likely are unaware of what is needed to get them placed nor that each implant is not a singular piece but rather made up of three separate segments.

The three components that make up the implant are known as the implant, abutment, and the crown. Each segment has a separate function. The first component, known as the implant, is the section that is drilled directly into the jawbone and secured in place in order to provide a solid foundation for the abutment which is threaded onto the implant. Once this is complete, the crown is then secured to the abutment. The crown can be shaped and tinted to match the other teeth in the patient's mouth.

Dental Implant Placement Procedure

While dental implants are an excellent solution, one of the biggest drawbacks to implant placement is the fact that they cannot be placed in one appointment. Rather the placement procedure takes place over a number of months at multiple appointments. It is necessary to give each component a chance to heal properly and fuse to the jawbone before continuing to the next step. We will assess each step to ensure everything is ready before continuing on to the next step in the process.

For those patients interested in implants we will need to do an evaluation and create a treatment plan. Please come see us at Bonnie & Simone. We can also be reached by calling (757) 540-1028. When patients call, we can get your appointment scheduled with our office. Call us today to start your artificial tooth solution.
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Single Dental Implant Norfolk VA
Fill the gap seamlessly with a single dental implant. Discover our precise and long-lasting tooth replacement solutions.
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