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Compre­hensive Dentistry

Smiling patient leaning back in dental chair looking up into mirror with dentist in backgroundOur basic philosophy of care centers on the idea of restoring oral health by treating underlying issues, rather than putting out fires by treating symptoms one tooth at a time. We treat the whole person, not just teeth.

We use our advanced diagnostic technologies, including 3D imaging, digital impressions and high resolution photography, to essentially digitally "download" your mouth. This aids us in monitoring your dental health over time, and provides superior diagnostic information should treatment be warranted. It only makes sense that we would look at the comprehensive picture in order to offer comprehensive care.

Comprehensive care involves taking care of any and all of your dental needs. It may involve preventive dentistry to maintain your oral health, restorative dentistry to fix cavities or update old restorations, cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile's esthetics in a natural way, or reconstructive dentistry to rebuild lost teeth and restore function.

Dr. Bonnie and Dr. Simone’s advanced skill set allows them to consider all the elements that should be considered when addressing the whole patient. Our goal is to set you up for long term success and in turn, reduce the need for future dental treatment.
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Comprehensive Dentistry Norfolk VA - Bonnie & Simone
Experience comprehensive dental care addressing all aspects of your oral health. Trust us for holistic and tailored treatments.
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